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Multi-handle sizing and moving

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Sizebox handles are the default type handles displayed when a shape/part is selected at the IntelliShape editing level (Default for standard IntelliShapes from Catalogs. Custom 2D Profile IntelliShapes default to Shape handles covered in the next section). These round red handles are displayed on all sides of a shape’s sizebox at the IntelliShape editing level and are used to resize the shape by modifying the height, width, and/or length dimensions of its sizebox. To visually resize a shape, simply click and drag the desired sizebox dimension handle. Dimension values for the sizebox handle selected will be displayed, right-click or double-click on the value to enter a precise input. Use the Ctrl Key when dragging to snap to predefined increments. Use the Ctrl and Left-click to select multiple sizebox handles. Note that hidden handles, as well as exposed handles, are displayed and accessible for editing.

To Visually Edit A Shape’s Size Using A Sizebox Handle:

  1. Click the shape until the yellow sizebox and sizebox handles are displayed, indicating the IntelliShape editing level. In order to resize a shape, it must be selected at this editing level.
  2. Place the cursor over a sizebox handle until the cursor changes to a hand and double-pointed arrow and an indicator listing the height, length, or width handle.
  3. Left-click and drag the sizebox handle. Note: Hold the Shift-Key during the drag to invoke SmartSnap. Hold the Ctrl-Key to invoke snapping along predefined snap increments (Define under the Format menu Handle Snapping). Hold the Ctrl-Key down and left-click on multiple handles to select and edit multiple handles simultaneous.

To Precisely Resize An IntelliShape Using A Sizebox Handle:

  1. At the IntelliShape editing level, right-click the desired sizebox handle or the dimension displayed on left-clicking a sizebox handle and select Edit Sizebox from the resulting pop-up menu (double-left-click on the value to directly edit the value).  A dialog box is displayed with the current sizebox dimension values. The value corresponding to the selected sizebox handle is highlighted. Single click the handle and enter a value in the direct input filed to size the shape.
  2. Edit the dimension values, as desired, and then select OK.
  3. Try left-clicking and dragging alternate sizebox handles and right-clicking again to enter new values to get familiar with the results of various actions.  
  4. In addition to the Edit Sizebox option for precisely resizing an IntelliShape, additional handle options are available to aid in achieving desired part modifications:
  5. Use SmartSnap.  Select this option to activate display of SmartSnap feedback relative to shared planes between the selected handle and points, edges, and faces on the same part.  When selected, the sizebox handle lightens in color.  SmartSnap remains active on the selected handle until its option is deselected on the pop-up menu.
  6. To Point. Select this option to align the selected handle’s associated face with a point on an alternate object in the scene.
  7. To Center Point.  Select this option to align the selected handle’s associated face with the axis of a cylindrical object in the scene.

Setting The Handle Snap Increments On Ctrl-Key Drag

Under the Handle Snapping option in the Format Menu:

  • Linear Snap Increment.  Specify the default sizebox handle snap increment value used on Ctrl + Drag of sizebox handles.
  • Unitless. Select this option to use the snap increment value regardless of the user units (i.e. 2 units means 2 in both Metric and English settings).
  • Snap by default. Select this option to use the snap increment by default on handle drag.

Direct Input Fields Support For Mathematical Input

In Direct Input fields on handles and TriBall handles, a new option to allow for mathematical input. This can be toggled and set as a default behavior.

Snap To Radius Support On Sizebox Handles

Shift-SmartSnap one concentric cylinder to another to match their radii. For example, this can be useful for matching a shaft to the diameter of a concentric hole. Just Shift-drag SmartSnap the handle from the first cylinder to any circular edge on the second cylinder.

Resizing Multiple Shapes At Once

After selecting multiple shapes at once, drag one handle and all the shapes handles in that same direction will edit at once.

  1. Select the Block and H Block as shown:
  2. Drag the Block's handle and see both the Block and H Block resize:

Resizing Multiple And Moving Other Shapes At Once

Select multiple shapes at once, then click the profile selector icon of the shapes that will be moved (changing it to ), when the handle of the base shape is dragged, the shapes with the icon set will resize and the shapes with the  icon set will move.

  1. Select the shapes and set the profile selector icons as needed:
  2. Drag the Block's handle and notice the Block and H Block resize and the two holes move.
This tutorial uses the Mechanical Add-on, click here to download it.
This tutorial requires the MultiPhysics Add-on, click here to download it.
Download the 3D files used in this course
This tutorial requires the KeyShot Add-on, click here to download it.
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