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ICM | Holder Rings

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The HolderRings can be placed also on cylindrical parts, drop the tool on an circular edge or face and the HolderRings inherits the shaft dimensions.


The family of HolderRings can be selected using the preview button.


You can change the type of HolderRings clicking of the option buttons placed under the preview.


  • Standard Name - Using this dialog box, the user can select the correct rule.
  • Type - This text box contains the values related to the selected rule.
  • Diam. Shaft - This combo box contains all the diameter values related to the selected rule. When the user drags a component over on circle edge (for example, if the user drags a HolderRings over a shaft), a check control named Auto will be shown. Using this toggle control, it’s possible that the HolderRings inherits the shaft dimensions.
  • Diam. Ring - Using this combo box, the user could select the ring diameter related to the rule.

BOM Information

The lower section of the dialog contains the items useful to set the information related to the component.


The section is divided in two parts: BOM Information and Custom Information. For a detailed explanation see BOM information

Status bar


The status bar reports the description of the selected standard rule. If you click on description Library Data Manager starts to modify the description and the rules to create the bill of materials. Close to it, on the right, there is a button that enable you to edit the geometric data file, launching the Library Data Manager - Geometry…

The data structure behind HolderRings

Every component defined in the User Interface has behind him some data files which contain properties and parameters related to the component itself. These files are placed in the folder of the standard rule. The main files associated to the family of components are the followings: ANtenuta.ini and *.UNI

Every numbered section is related to an icon of the component in the User Interface, and every record contains these fields:

  • DataFile -> File containing the data values useful to build the component
  • Rule -> Name of the Standard Rule
  • Description -> Description of the Standard Rule

For example, this is the structure of a ANtenuta.ini file

# Data file       Rule Description
S-CRW1.UNI   | ISO_CRW1 | Holder rings for rotating shaft

S-HMSA27.UNI | ISO_HMSA27 | Holder rings for rotating shaft with dust seal
S-HMSA7.UNI    | ISO_HMSA7 | Holder rings for rotating shaft with dust seal

S-HMSA27.UNI | ISO_HMSA27 | Holder rings
S-CRS1.UNI    | ISO_S-CRS1 | Holder rings


Under each section it is possible to place several records; every record refers to a particular rule.

The *.UNI files, contain the fields of the standard values related to HolderRings normative; the structure of the files are self-explaining.

## =================================================================================
## * IronPROLibrary Data Manager - *** Fronema Srl *** -
## =================================================================================
## Saved On: 29/04/2019 17:13:02                                        
##   CODICE     | d1        | d2        | b         | AFT       |
CR19x37x10      |    19.0   |    37.0   |    10.0   |     1.0   |
CR20x30x5       |    20.0   |    30.0   |     5.0   |     1.0   |
CR20x30x7       |    20.0   |    30.0   |     7.0   |     1.0   |
CR20x32x7       |    20.0   |    32.0   |     7.0   |     1.0   |
CR24x38x10      |    24.0   |    38.0   |    10.0   |     1.0   |
CR26x42x8       |    26.0   |    42.0   |     8.0   |     1.0   |
CR27x37x7       |    27.0   |    37.0   |     7.0   |     1.0   |
CR30x45x8       |    30.0   |    45.0   |     8.0   |     1.0   |

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