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ICM | Fasteners Assembly

Create fastener assemblies in one go with IronCAD Mechanical.

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Fasteners Assembly alt >
Fasteners Assembly

This command is used to place in the scene an assembly composed by a screw, washers and nut.

Description of the User Interface

At top of the dialog there are the buttons useful to control the placement of the component and a combo box used to select the Standard Rule.

Fasteners top Buttons
  1. Clicking this combo box the user can select theactive standard rule.
  2. This button is used to switch the state of TriBall.Usually, when a fastener is placed on the scene, theTriBall is switched on. In this way the user canimmediately move the component in the right place.Clicking the button, the state of TriBall is toggledbetween on and off. The check button at the top onthe right of the button controls the state ofTriBall after the confirm of placement. If thebutton is checked and TriBall is active, TriBallwill stay active, otherwise TriBall is disabled.
  3. This button updates the component and it confirmsthe placement inside the scene.
  4. This button updates the component and it closes thedialog box. When the dialog is closed, the state ofTriBall is controlled by the buttons describedbefore.
  5. This button closes the dialog box and it terminatesthe command. If you haven’t confirmed the placementbefore, the current component will be deleted.
  6. This button displays a dialog box containinginformation about the current tool.


Fasteners Settings

The items included in this box enable you to save the current setting of the component. This enables you to recall them quickly in future sessions. The buttons included in this section enable you to save, remove or apply any saved setting.


Fasteners Assembly

This section is composed by four tabs: Screw, Washer1, Whaser2 and Nut. Every tab is used to set the property of the related component. Every section contains a drop down button used to select the kind of component to use.


Fasteners Assembly

The central section of the dialog contains all the options useful to select the standard and the dimensions of the selected component. For the Screw, these parameters are: Standard Name, Component Type, Length and Material.

Fasteners Assembly

For other components the options available are only Standard Name and Material.

The screw is the master component. When you select a type of screw, washers and nut are automatically set to the same type.

The check button Active is used to add or remove a washer or a nut to the assembly.

When the selected type doesn’t exist in the data file, the check button is automatically unchecked and the label “Measure not Found” is displayed.

When the Active check button is changed, the preview image is updated in in order to show you which component will be included in the assembly.

Fasteners Assembly

The text placed in the middle of the dialog is used to insert the distance to keep between the two washers.

If you are placing the Fastener Assembly on existing part, it’s possible to calculate this value automatically clicking on the Wizard button.

In this IPROFasteners will calculate all the existing intersection at the length specified in the Length combo box. The names of part found will be placed in the combo box at the right of the Wizard button. When you select on the these part in the combo, the calculated value will be set in the distance item text.

Inside the tab of Screw, there is the drop down button used to set the properties of the automatic holes associated to the screw.

BOM Information

Fasteners Assembly

The lower section of the dialog contains the items useful to set the information related to the component. When the Screw tab is selected, it’s possible to set the BOM Information and the properties of the assembly that contains the components.

This tutorial uses the Mechanical Add-on, click here to download it.
This tutorial requires the MultiPhysics Add-on, click here to download it.
Download the 3D files used in this course
This tutorial requires the KeyShot Add-on, click here to download it.
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